The Best Superhero Costumes

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Halloween is fast approaching and unless you want all the best costumes to be sold out, we thought we’d push out our list of superhero favorites a little early. DC and Marvel have come out with some awesome movies this year so we’re sure these costumes will go fast!

Our Favorite

Wonder Woman

  • Awesome design with ballet-style dress
  • Captures the power of Wonder Woman in a perfect for kids way
  • Kids love it from the recent blockbuster movie

Best Value


  • Great ratings on Amazon
  • Popular Super Hero with recent movie release
  • Kid’s love Spiderman because he’s more relatable

Best Upgrade

Captain America with Shield

  • Shield is sure to stand out and make the costume a contest winner
  • Over 100 great ratings on Amazon
  • Muscle suit makes kids feel truly super

Super Heroes have long been a children’s favorite for Halloween. Iconic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America capture our imagination and help us believe that we alone can make the world a better place! Aside from the fact that dressing up and pretending to have super powers is awesome, kids just love reenacting their favorite scenes from The Avengers or The Dark Knight. Dressing up as super heroes is almost a right of passage for many children and Halloween is the best time to pretend.

Whether you prefer Marvel or DC there are some awesome choices to choose from. Many super hero costumes are light years better than the ones they had when you and I were children! With muscle suits, props and realistic texturing these costumes really take the cake when it comes to Halloween costumes. Who knows, you might even have one of the kids that wears the costume everywhere, no matter what time of year it is!

Wonder Woman

This year’s Wonder Woman movie is quite possibly the most successful DC movie since The Dark Knight series. Gal Gadot really outdid herself and brought a strong female heroine to the lineup of super heroes. If your little girl went and saw the movie, chances are that Wonder Woman is her favorite super hero now and this costume is the best one out there. The tutu skirt makes it fun and the rest of the props like the cape, best and gauntlets really help it stand out. Be warned though, the picture portrays cute red shoes with the costume but those need to be bought separately along with the lasso of truth and invisible plane. Actually, the invisible plane is free.

The Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman from the comics made his costume from pajamas, super affordable right? You’ll be happy to know that this Spiderman costume is the most affordable of the bunch! This muscle Spiderman costume will help kids feel strong and powerful and ready to take on the Green Goblin. Made by Rubie and officially licensed by Marvel Entertainment this is easily the best Spiderman costume out there. The bright red and blue colors are true to the movie and the eyes are actually see through making the immersive experience that much greater for kids.

The First Avenger

We had a hard time listing Captain America without his famous shield made of adamantium. The First Avenger makes a stylish entry with this polyester red, white and blue costume. We found the mask to be sturdier than expected and it didn’t flop around which was really nice. Another officially licensed costume this costume has hundreds of amazing reviews and is truly the best of the bunch. Made from sturdy polyester this costume will hold up against many important missions of saving the world. The huge biceps and muscles are the cherry on top of this amazing outfit.

The Dark Knight

We all know that Christian Bale’s Batman, while not the truest to the comic books, is the Batman that solidified him as a hero in many of the upcoming generation. This Dark Knight costume spares no expense in theatrics. The suit is super realistic and aside from spending hundreds of dollars on a leather one, it’s the best one we could find. Defeat Joker, Penguin and Bane alongside your young one with this awesome suit. Or just go trick-or-treating, it’s your choice!

Black Widow

If Wonder Woman isn’t your thing, maybe Black Widow is more your girl’s style. We really liked this costume over the other ones. The extra leather, pouches and straps made this feel like a true assassin’s getup. In addition to that, most of the pieces are adjustable so it can fit your little girl extremely well. Sneak around and perform secret ops for S.H.I.E.L.D. in this awesome realistic costume!

Man of Steel

Duh, duh DUH! Da-da, Da-da, DAH DUH! Superman returns in this awesome Man of Steel muscle costume. You may get a laugh out of seeing your little boy with massive muscles and a six pack but he’ll love it! Fly through the skies, shoot lazers from your eyes, save the world and even reverse time in this realistic Superman suit! We should note that this tends to run a little large. Most people find that they should have ordered the size smaller than what they normally get in order for it to fit properly. Or you can just put on a couple shirts underneath to fill out the muscles even more. If it’s a cold Halloween this might be the best idea.

Iron Man

There are a couple reasons we chose this Iron Man costume over others. First off, it’s one solid piece to make it easy to put on and take off. It also includes gloves, which many other Iron Man costumes don’t. How is Iron man supposed to fly and blast bad guys without his repulsors?? If your child is the one that likes to wear super hero costumes to the grocery store or the park then this one piece costume is perfect and comfy. No need to keep adjusting pieces, belts and props.