The Best Fidget Spinners on Amazon

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Are you the kind of person that has trouble staying still? Do you bounce your leg whenever you’re in a meeting? 2017 has given rise to the hottest gadget to solve your dilemma, the Fidget Spinner. A fidget spinner is a stress relieving toy that comprises of a spinning frame on a bearing. The are made of different types of material such as stainless steel, brass, plastic, and copper.

This toy has been known to assist people who have focus and attention related issues. It helps by working as a stress releasing agent for nervousness. While some may question the actual validity of its therapeutic benefits, there is simply no denying the level of satisfaction that this spinning toy has been giving everyone. It just feels right.

There are hundreds of different designs and colors available for fidget spinners in the market. It’s hard to stop by the mall or your local grocery store without seeing a display stand with fidget spinners for sale. However, rather than wasting money on one of those cheap ones, we put in the work to find you the best spinners money can buy. Our choices range from $3-$20 depending on how much spinning you plan on doing daily or even hourly.

The Fan Favorite

Starting with one of the best selling and highest rated on Amazon: this spinner by Maxboost is 25% smaller than the regular tri-spinners and can even easily fit in children's hands. Verified buyers claim to have spun it for three minutes straight from a single flick!

The design is ergonomic and feels smooth and comfortable in your hand. If you have been looking for your first-ever fidget spinner, this tri-spinner from Maxboost is a perfect option.
The Maxboost Mini-Size Fidget Spinner is excellent for relieving stress, fidgeting hands, anxiety, sleepiness, ADHD, and even quitting bad habits. This product also offers a one-year guaranteed warranty against any defects.

Most Stylish

Introducing one for the most stylish fidget spinners of all time: this XDesign fidget spinner adds a spectrum of colors that seamlessly illuminate and blend before the eyes. It features a sturdy metal frame along with classic tri-spinner design that ensures both long spinning time and durability.

Take this spinner on the go! It’s small enough to fit in the pocket, or even the palm of your hand. This XDesign spinner has proven to help increase focus, improve creativity, and maximize productivity. The future of stress relief is just a spin away. Xdesign offers a one year guaranteed warranty against physical defects.

The Minimalist

This edgy fidget spinner from Gorilla Spinners gives you 240 seconds (4 minutes) of unstoppable spin. Gorilla spinners are known for their clean, minimalistic look and they perfected that with this product. It comes with an attractive metal frame with premium ceramic bearings so that you can carry it with style.

Gorilla Spinners are known to relieve the stress and is also very effective for deep thought, great concentration, and other attention disorders. It has an ergonomic design of tri-spin which is best for the balancing trick. The fidget spinner is available in black and white and the brand offers a 30-day money back warranty.

The Show Off

You’ve mastered the basic fidget spinner and are ready to move to the next level. We highly recommend the BOKATE Crusader EDC fidget spinner. The Crusader delivers the same smooth spin while innovating the design to a two pronged frame. It is made of high-quality brass that offers a heavier design which provides longer, smoother spinning. Although this one may seem a bit pricy compared to the rest of our list it definitely justifies itself.

An excellent choice for killing your time and highly effective in focusing on the deep thought. This fidget spinner from BOKATE keeps you stress-free, and also makes a great conversation starter. It's an ideal spinner for those who want to quit smoking, nail biting, and suffer from other attention disorders.

The Metal Head

Ford has a special blue paint that other car manufacturers struggle to duplicate. The Vortex spinners offer a bright metallic paint available in that Ford blue, and also purple and white. Many of the reviews compare this spinner to a car for that reason!

The metal frame with a stainless steel bearing offers high velocity for up to 80 seconds with low friction. This fidget spinner focuses on stress relief, improved concentration, and improving deep thought. It's also great for keeping awake and quitting habits like smoking. The premium carton gift box makes this spinner a perfect birthday gift.

Spin and Chill

Chillax delivers a classic, durable spinner while still standing out with style. The tri-spinning fidget uses a low friction bearing with round edges to provide you with smooth rotation and to ensure longevity. The easy to use, simple, fun and discrete fidget spinner gives you 2 minutes of spin time for each flick.

Chillax also claims that their spinner can help you discover the genius of your kids by increasing their focus and helping them concentrate while doing homework or other mental tasks. According to Amazon ratings, this is one of the most excellent, anti-anxiety spinning toys. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty against physical defect and also offers a free glow-in-the-dark wristband with each purchase!

The Classic

The Phoenix Original spinners are specially designed for anxiety, ADD, Autism, ADHD and neurological struggles. This high-quality, unique spinner helps you improve your day and combat your fidgeting needs. This fidget spinner boasts 2-4 minutes of spin time, made of high-quality plastic ABS frame.

Pheonix Spinners guarantees the positive results proven by the science and neuropsychology. Phoenix spinners come with a 5-year, no questions asked money back policy. And even though the original product only costs $3.97, Amazon will still pay for your return shipping.

The Red Baron

The official The Sharon’s spinner in a bright red color. Offering spin times up to 5 minutes depending on your skill, this spinner is buttery-smooth. There are lots of fake Sharon’s spinners because of their low availability but this 2017 limited edition spinner is the real deal! As with the other spinners this one helps to relieve stress and works perfectly well for staying awake on long drives. The spinner is suitable for kids and adults over six years old.

The fidget spinner features a ceramic bearing which is smooth, strong and more powerful than other materials. The brand also offers a 30-day money back warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.

Back in Black

By far the subtlest of the group, [The EWR Black fidget spinner looks clean and sleek. The Black frame with black bearings make this spinner perfect for spinning under the desk during meetings or lectures. The spinner features one to four minutes of smooth spin time. It’s a great piece of equipment for fidgeters that spin for hours and hours. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping through Amazon Prime.

Choose Your Flavor

Mermaker offers the most extensive lineup of fidget spinners, hands down. There are dozens of designs and colors to choose from, all for the low price of $4.99. The toy has the great spin period and is known for its high-quality material. Suitable for kids and adults over 12 years with an average two to three minutes of spin time. It's a user-friendly, low maintenance product with the removable bearing for further upgrades or replacement if necessary.