Our Favorite Mini Quadcopters (Drones)

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There has been a tremendous rise in the sale of remote control drones in recent years. They can be seen just about everywhere these days. A mini drone or quadcopter is a smaller version that usually fits in your hand. Most of them come pre-assembled and ready to fly.

Mini quads are much cheaper than a full sized drone. This is mostly because they are too small to support the weight of a camera. The ones we picked out strike a nice balance between being lightweight and durability.

For little kids, mini quadcopters offer a great, affordable way of fostering the hobby without putting your $500 drone on the line. This list is dedicated to making sure you get your money’s worth out of your “practice drone.”

Training Wheels Blades

Possibly our best pick for an aspiring drone master is the Syma X11C that comes with the 2MP camera. Practice taking photos and videos on the go. The reason this one is perfect for learning, is the interlocking blade protector that prevents damage from minor falls. This quad has an easily removable battery and and extra SD card. The machinery is equipped with a six-axis gyro direction stabilizer, and 360-degree eversion which lets you continuously do flips and tricks in the air making this perfect for showing off.

Power Packed Monster

Are you looking for a small, power-packed drone that outplays other small models? If so, then Hubsan X4 (H107C) is the answer. The increased flexibility, and outstanding power, set this quadcopter apart from other small models. This product is another perfect option for people who want to try their hand at flying for the first time.

The Hubsan X4 actually includes a built-in, 0.3 MP 480p camera that records to a micro SD card. The gadget has lithium polymer battery attached below the tail area and provides seven minutes of flying time.

The Predator

The next quad on the list is from Holy Stone, known for their high-quality products. The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a sweet little machine that comes with decent rotor guards, rear rotors, LED lighting and coded color. A handy feature is its removable batteries that means you can fly your quadcopter with one battery while another one is charging. A full 40-minute charge will usually net you somewhere between six to eight minutes of flight time. This drone is crash resistant, well made and very responsive.

Go! Speed Racer!

Next up is the Hubsan X4 H107D, a dynamic, mini quadcopter that comes with a 720p FPV (first person view camera). This provides real-time feedback to the pilot using the controller. With the camera, the pilot is able to see the aerial view on an LCD screen on the controller unit. This feature makes it very easy to control the aircraft. It also makes it perfect for practicing drone racing through hoops and hallways.

Flight time for this mini drone is around seven to nine minutes and the battery takes nearly thirty minutes to fully charge. This is definitely the best pick for a drone racer in training. Give it a try, you'll have a blast!

Flying Ladybug

If you have a young, tech-savvy girl this is the perfect quad for her. The Walkera QR LadyBird V2 resembles a flying, green ladybug! No hassle assembly means all you need to do is to open the package, charge its battery and take to the skies. This cute little drone has the control distance of nearly hundred meters. It performs exceptionally well when taking off, and can jump up very nimbly. Flight time is around ten minutes and the battery takes thirty minutes to charge.

The Flying Car

The awesome Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter combines a remote-control car and a drone into one affordable package. Switching between Land mode and Fly mode offers a truly unique experience that diversifies the possibilities available to you. The black finish looks sleek and provides an almost Batmobile look. It comes standard with two batteries so that you can fly with one while other charges. Awesome fun at a great price!