Coolest Spiderman Toys

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Spiderman is among the most beloved members of the Marvel Universe. Because Peter Parker is just a kid, he is able to connect to children in a unique way that makes him a role model. Spiderman is one of the funniest and craziest superheroes. If your child happens to be a loyal “Spidey” fan, we suggest you get your darling child one of these awesome Spiderman toys.

Classic Spiderman Action Figure

Recommended Age: 4+

The first on the list is this 11 Inch figure of Spiderman from the Marvel Titan Hero Series. It makes a perfect birthday gift! The Hero series are known for their high-grade material and safety. That’s why we chose this figure out of the thousands available. It’s the best action figure you can find, muscles, webs and all!

The figure has also been tested for exceptional quality and durability. The high levels of detail make it the perfect trophy for display or for playing and expanding a child’s imagination.

Spiderman Lego Kit

Recommended Age: 4-7 Years

Legos have long been a favorite of children. If your little girl is looking for a fun Lego set, then give our Best Lego Sets for Girls article a read! Children can also stay occupied for hours with this Junior Spider-Man Hideout Building Kit. With 137 pieces of that include bricks, vehicles, weapons, and more items this is definitely worth the purchase price. It has an Air Glider, Spiderman’s hideout, and even a helicopter to help your little one relive the epic rivalry of Spiderman and the Green Goblin. This action-packed Lego kit will kick start your child’s imagination and guarantees use for years either on its own or combined with other Lego sets.

Kids Spiderman Tent

Recommended Age: 3+

Even Superheroes need a break once in a while. Rather than precariously sitting on a spider web, Spiderman has a much better home: the awesome Spiderman Tent. This dome shaped tent is covered in bright Spiderman graphics. The tent is soft yet highly durable. It can easily fold and store behind a couch if you want to keep it out of the way. The tent is lightweight and can be carried around for picnics, parks, playgrounds and even the beach. After all, who knows when your little Spiderman might need to take a nap after defeating the "bad guys" in the sand box.

Ultimate Marvel Spiderman Hopper

Recommended Age: 4-15 years

Although your child may not actually be a super hero, the can still fly high with this Hedstrom Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Hopper. This ball provides the perfect incentive for kids to play actively, strengthen core muscles and practice balance.

Spiderman Monster Truck

Recommended Age: 3-10 years

Meet Hot Wheels on steroids! This Hot Wheels Monster Jam Spider-Man truck is a large sized monster truck decked out in Spidey style. Cars have so many moving pieces that many children love driving them all over their bedroom and living room floor. Wind this one up and watch it roll over other small cars. This Spiderman vehicle is made of strong die-cast metal with spider web detail. Your kids will love crushing other cars and scaring away villains with this awesome toy. We highly recommend it.

Pillow Time Pal

Recommended Age: 6 months+

There’s nothing better to help your child adapt to sleeping in a new bed or new bedroom that a super hero theme! It can be a blanket, stuffed animal or any just something small for them to hold close while they sleep. Spiderman is the perfect companion to keep your little one safe during the night. That’s why we picked out the Marvel Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal .

This toy is safe sensitive skin. No dry cleaning required. To clean, simply put it in the washing machine and your pal comes out good as new.

Super heroes have long been the favorite toys of children. Hopefully this list of Spiderman toys gave you some great ideas for your little one.