Best Pool Toys For Kids

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Pool toys can be one of the best ways to make spending time at the pool an awesome time for everyone. They also aren’t used every single day do you need to find an affordable toy that also provides a lot of fun for the whole family:

OUR FAVORITE (Most fun and innovative)

Underwater Quidditch

  • Versatile toy
  • Works for different games/age groups
  • Ability to get creative with kids

BEST VALUE (Best priced)

Water Basketball

  • Awesome price while still really affordable
  • Great for adults and kids
  • Usable inside and outside

COOL KIDS ON THE BLOCK (The toy all the other kids are talking about)

The Unicorn Raft

  • Raft-quality materials
  • Supports up to 400 lbs without capsizing
  • Awesome for sun-bathing or raft wars

More Detail and Other Products

“Alright kids, let’s go to the pool!” (Shouts of joy ensue). One of the things that makes playing in the water so fun is having the right pool toys. If you swim at a community or public swimming pool, the chances are that toys and games are lacking, so bringing your own can be the best thing to do. At the same time, you don’t want to break the bank, so here are our best picks that balance fun and affordability.

Underwater Quidditch (Our Favorite)

These rings are an innovation on top of the typical sinking rings you see at the pool. They have adjustable air chambers that allow you to control the underwater depth. This makes them perfect for playing underwater Quidditch (a sports game from Harry Potter). Simply set up two sets of three rings and practice defending them as the other player throws an underwater rocket through them! You can also create an underwater swimming obstacle course for the ultimate swim class.

Water Basketball (Best Value)

Installing a basketball at your pool can be a little pricey. This floating basketball hoop provides a nice balance of fun and affordability. Kids can play basketball in the pool with their friends. This makes a great toy for adults and children alike and for the low price it provides a surprising amount of fun!

The Unicorn Raft (Cool Kids On the Block)

This gigantic inflatable unicorn is designed to carry up to 400 pounds which could equate to an entire crew of kids. Talk about fun! It’s made out of raft-grade material which is both thick and durable. This raft is more fun than a waterslide! You can buy two and have your own battle royale at the community pool. These are such a blast and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. The one drawback is that these can be quite hard to blow up. Jasonwell has allowed this to be inflated by a hairdryer in a pinch. We also recommend picking up one of these handy electric pumps.

Classic Beach Ball

We couldn’t put together a list of best pool toys without this iconic symbol of water fun. This 48-inch version is huge and is perfect for batting, kicking and bouncing at the pool. What else can we say? Go big with this blow-up beach ball!

To The Rescue!

This tot-sized boat and helicopter are perfect for the pool, kiddie pool in the backyard or even the bathtub! Made of 100% recycled plastic, and with no surface paint, this toy is a great eco-friendly choice for the kids. These also make for awesome toys on land as well as in the water. Their versatility and quality made this an easy choice to include in our list.

The Floating Submarine

A perfect companion to the Rescue boat and helicopter, this submarine rounds out the set and provides a lot of unique twists to keep it fun. While submergible this submarine will rise to the surface and dump water out of the portholes creating a fun dynamic between floating and sinking to keep the kids entertained.

Diving Rings

While diving rings aren’t the newest thing on the market, they continue to provide excellent fun while teaching kids to dive. This set of 6, bright-colored rings sinks to the bottom and then stands up to make grabbing easy for kids. These are a classic and should definitely be part of your pool toy ensemble.

Shark Toss

Melissa and Doug are known to make some of the absolute best toys for kids. One of them is the Shark Toss Net Game. Playing catch while treading water and jumping is pretty difficult, these nets will extend your reach and add a lot of fun as well. Fade-resistant and durable, they are a cute addition to your collection of pool toys. This toy also encourages hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, what’s not to love?

Baby Float

Enjoying your baby’s first moments at the pool are essential. Take your kids out in the sun and float them alongside you with this awesome baby float. This one by SwimWays has a patented inner spring that provides extra stability in the water keeping your baby safe. Made from durable fabric and offering a built-in octopus that can hold the various toys that are included like a starfish, stacking rings, a teether and squeaker fish.