Best Kids Puzzles

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One of the most timeless toys a child can have, puzzles improve cognitive and creative capabilities. They also provide one of the greatest feelings of satisfaction when you solve them!

Our Favorite

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

  • 3D puzzle that challenges the mind
  • Bright colors and fun shapes
  • Sturdy materials for a great price

Best Value

Kingou Magic Wooden Puzzle Ball

  • Challenging puzzle that gets a little easier each time
  • Awesome 3D shape
  • Instructions included if you need a cheat sheet ;)

Best Upgrade

Hape Stand-up Alphabet Puzle

  • Brightly colored letters teach your child the alphabet
  • Thick letters have flat bases so they can stand
  • Spell words with standing letters

Puzzles are possibly the most timeless toy that has ever been invented. Around 1760, a cartographer in London, named John Spilsbury, would paint his paintings on flat rectangular pieces of wood and then cut them into smaller pieces with a jigsaw. This is where the term “jigsaw puzzle” originally came from. Bet you didn’t know that! For more than 200 years these toys have stood the test of time and continue to entertain children to this day!

Solving puzzles is a very creative and intellectual process. It helps kids stretch their brain’s wings a little bit and think in different ways. Aside from the mental benefits, completing a puzzle can be extremely satisfying. For both of these reason, choosing out puzzles for toddlers, kids and adults to solve is always a great idea for a birthday or Christmas present.

Check out our picks for the best kids puzzles that money can buy:

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Choosing a Melissa & Doug product as our favorite wasn’t very difficult at all. Melissa & Doug are a couple that started their own toy company together. They have best-selling toys in almost every category from puzzles to swim toys and stuffed animals. This puzzle features 12 different shapes in green, yellow, blue and red. The variety of shapes helps kids learn to differentiate between different angles and sides and provides a lot more variation that your typical square, circle and triangle. Sturdy wood construction makes this a long lasting present sure to entertain many kids or even many generations of kids down the line. For more reasons that one, this was an easy favorite to pick for us.

Kingou Magic Wooden Puzzle Ball

Stepping up the ante a little bit, this wooden puzzle ball from Kingou is a great way to take puzzles to the next level. This puzzle is hard to take apart but even more difficult to put back together. Recommended for ages five and up, it presents a real challenge that might even need a little teamwork to solve! Don’t worry, if it proves too much of a challenge for you, instructions can help you along the way. But that would take all the fun out of it, wouldn’t it? The awesome price of this puzzle is what clinched it the Best Value medal on our list.

Hape Stand-up Alphabet Puzle

Learning the ABC’s is an essential step in a child’s development. This brightly colored alphabet puzzle is a great way for kids to practice the song, learn the order of the letters and even spell words. The fact that these letters can also stand on their own is a great bonus as well. See how many words you can each spell and pass a few minutes with this classic puzzle. Sure to last a long time, this puzzle was the clear winner for our Best Upgrade award. We try to pick toys that will provide a long-lasting value and still be super fun!

Best Friends Giant Pieces Puzzle

The only true jigsaw puzzle on the list. This bright fun puzzle is perfect for little hands. Featuring a bunny and a bear who are best friends, this puzzle is sure to bring a smile to your face. 24 foam pieces is the perfect amount to provide a small challenge to a toddler or be a quick fix for slightly older kids. The foam pieces are surprisingly sturdy and we highly recommend this puzzle for little beginners.

Hape Magnetic Train Puzzle

This fun puzzle is actually a magnetic maze that helps kids plan ahead and improve their problem solving skills. All the pieces are enclosed making it perfect for driving in the car or taking on the go. Kids two years and up will love this fun puzzle. The magnetic wand will grab the balls and then kids can trace the paths hoping to find their way through the maze. Hape prides themselves on safe paint finishes and durable construction to make their toys stand the test of time.

Rolimate Geometric Block Stacking Puzzle

Our favorite thing about this puzzle is that it teaches children to identify patterns even when color changes. Kids can practice stacking triangles with triangles and circles with circles. These shapes encourage hand-eye coordination and creative thinking. Problem solving is an essential skill that will help kids with mathematics and other school subjects later on!