Best Baby Helmets

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By nature, all infants push the boundaries at their own pace as they learn and develop intellectual and physical skills. We all know that in the learning stage, kids can get a few bumps along the way as they learn to roll, crawl and walk. Making sure they are as safe as possible is extremely important. These are the best helmets we were able to find, made for ages eight months to five years.

Our Favorite

Elenker Baby Helmet

  • Lined with cotton for breathability
  • Mesh filling material that prevents odor
  • Cute rainbow fruit design

Best Value

Bellady Safety Hat

  • Lighter than a helmet
  • Ties for a perfect fit
  • Cute Bunny Design

Best Upgrade

Micro Kickboard’s Small Elephant Helmet

  • Ideal for older or more active kids
  • Hard shell ensures safety and durability
  • Adorable pink and purple elephant design

Although, there are many reasons you could be looking for a helmet. Here are the main criteria we took into account when picking out the best baby helmets for your little one:

  1. Safety Certifications: Always check the helmet’s label for proper safety certifications. You should look for some sort of certification from a credible organization, like the CSC (Consumer Safety Commission). This will help guarantee that no matter what your baby bonks into they stay safe.
  2. Size: Almost equally as important as the safety certification is the sizing. We suggest taking measurements of your baby’s head before purchasing one of these helmets. Take your measurement from one inch above the eyebrow, this is the thickest part of a child’s head. Making sure you have the right fit is essential to making sure the helmet works effectively.
  3. Easy Buckles: No one wants to pinch their baby’s soft skin in a buckle. Make sure you have an adjustable buckle and strap to make removal and application as easy as possible.
  4. Vents: While playing and exploring, babies can work up quite a sweat! Most of the body’s heat exits through the head so make sure you choose a breathable helmet that still offers a good amount of protection.

Now that you know our criteria, let’s dive in!

Elenker Rainbow Baby Helmet (Our Favorite)

It was easy to pick the Elenker helmet for our top pick. It comes in four different colors but we like the rainbow fruit pattern the best. It will fit babies with head sizes between 43-56 centimeters. The fact that this helmet offers a velcro strap makes it much easier to put on and take off. Overall this helmet has all the features that counts and packs them into a great price.


Available in beige, blue or salmon this helmet offers a great palette of vintage colors to match any outfit. This helmet is a great way to protect your baby’s brain as they learn to crawl and walk. Falling down happens way too frequently for you to be standing next to them 100% of the time. That’s why choosing a great helmet like this one from ABUSA is worth every penny. It’s also sweat absorbent, comfortable and lightweight with a 100% breathable cotton lining.


While the LESHP helmet may not offer as many color choices as the ABUSA or Elenker, it makes up for it in utility. Currently only available in sky blue, this helmet is perfect for a growing baby boy. The unique design allows the hat to stretch and let’s kids get the most mileage possible. Also sporting a velcro strap this helmet can be the best way to keep your little boy safe as he goes on his first adventures in the world.

Bellady “No Bumps” Infant Hat

The hat offers a little less protection that the others but can be a great temporary helmet if your tight on money, which many of us are after the birth of a new family member! This helmet is so light it can make a great first helmet for you baby. Keep them safe without overwhelming them or their little neck. It’s a great choice for a lot of reasons, affordability, age and utility. That’s what helped it stand out and win our “Best Value” awadr.

Micro Kickboard’s Micro Helmet

This helmet is perfect for the active little girl. Being slightly smaller than a typical kid’s helmet it makes a great choice for learning to ride the tricycle or even the bicycle depending on how far ahead of the learning curve you baby is! The pink and purple elephants make this helmet really fun and you little girl is sure to love it!

It’s also important to remember that your baby may not like the helmet for the first couple weeks. We as parents can understand that it’s necessary to protect their budding imagination, usually the baby catches on in a couple weeks, at most. Are there any helmets that we missed? Your favorite perhaps? Let us know in the comments below and we can add it to our list and make it better for everyone!