Backyard Roller Coasters

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If you’re planning a backyard for the kiddos, there are several ways you could go about it. Swing sets are classic, trampolines can be awesome too, but how many people do you know with a backyard roller coaster? Surprisingly, there are a lot of mini roller coasters that you can choose from. If you’ve never heard of a backyard roller coaster or if you’re looking to find out a little more about them, we did the legwork for you.

No need for fast passes, $20 plates of lunch or strollers; all you need is a backyard a track, a car to bring the thrills home. It’s just that simple. The assembly is actually very similar to a classic wooden train set from some of our childhoods.

When purchasing a backyard coaster, keep these things in mind:

•Kid’s Age: The different coasters mentioned below have age recommendations as these can be harder for infants and young toddlers to handle.

•Storage Space: These toys, although smaller than a swing set or trampoline, are large and can take up anywhere from six-nine feet in overall length.

Amazon’s Best-Seller

Recommended Age: 2-5 years

One of the best-selling roller coasters is the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster. Aiming to be easily enjoyable for preschool age children, this ten-foot long ride provides them with amusement park thrills right in your backyard.. The ride is made of bright colored plastic and is easily assembled with simple interlocking parts and no tools required.

The best part about this coaster set is that the individual parts are just as fun as the complete kit. The bright yellow car can be ridden around the house or sidewalk. The ramp system is also fun to play with balls, cars and other toys.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Recommended age: 2-5 years

This track set brings "Thomas The Tank Engine" to life in a way no other toy can! Young children are sure to love the Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster set. The track is about nine feet long and provides access on both sides. Thomas is ideal for some younger children who need a slow and safe ride speed. The highlight of this set is obviously Thomas himself, who kids can ride around the house or down the track.

The car also features a hand rail, a high seat back and foot rests. The recessed wheels hold the car in place until your kid is ready to “leave the station.” This fun and friendly coaster can be placed outside in the yard or in a playroom. Toddlers will develop coordination and balance as they ride, push, and climb on this amazing ride.

Flying Coaster

Recommended Age: 3-5 years

The classic Radio Flyer returns with the Radio Flyer 500. The favorite children’s toy becomes a backyard roller coaster with this awesome high-quality track. The flyer is great for on and off-track play. This coaster set is best suited for kids between three and five years of age, and comes with a six-foot racing track.

Extreme Thrill Coaster

Recommended age: 3-8 years

Hot Wheels have been the go-to toy car for a long time. They branched out a little with this fourteen-foot Hot Wheels Extreme Thrill Coaster Ride. It’s the perfect toy to get the kids away from the TV and outside in the sun. This set includes the set and also a car designed for small children with handgrips, footrests and a higher seat back to provide support.

This track is sure to provide hours of fun for the kids and is durable enough to be left outside under the deck or in the garage. Storage space can be a legitimate concern and we took that into account when choosing our favorite coasters.

Speedy Thrill Coaster

Recommended age: 3-8 years

This one is as close as it gets to having an actual roller coaster on your back lawn! If your kids might love more speed and adventures, this coaster ride would be a perfect choice. The track is nine feet long and provides two and half feet of decline to get a nice boost of speed. Adventurous kids are sure to love this big coaster. The Step 2 Extreme Coaster has been designed with proper safety measures and also comes with a footrest, high seat back and handgrips. The coaster can handle children up to eight years of age.

Backyard roller coasters are set to become the next coolest thing to have in your yard and your children and grandchildren are sure to be the “cool kids on the block” with one of these. The versatility that these sets provide for play provides a unique value that is hard to find anywhere else, and it’s for a fraction of the price that other backyard play sets would cost.